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ICC’s Best-Ever Test and ODI rankings have attracted more criticism than interest. After reading a few news articles about Sachin and Dravid not making it to the top 10 in Tests, I decided to look at the list and check who those “Best-Ever” players were. A glance at the list and I found it to be meaningless. Or else how would Saurav Ganguly and Ricky Ponting not be featured in top 20 and Saeed Anwar and Inzamam be ranked 38 and 43 respectively.

What I found to be even more stupid is the brief about the rankings which says that no player is allowed to appear on the list more than once. You can find the top 100 cricketers here in the ICC Best-Ever Test and ODI ratings. Sir Bradman and Sir Richards must be lucky enough as the ICC is still considering those legendary cricketers to be the No.1 in Test and ODI cricket respectively.

The list and the criteria are awful, appalling and terrible. My reader friends are free to add more to the list of adjectives.