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How does one feel while riding a bike at 11 in the night under the moonlight, when cool breeze caresses one’s face, and old melodies refreshing the ears (filled with dust on the road and workplace discussions)? A great feeling – ain’t it? Hmmm.

I have had some cherishable moments last night while going to my room. I was at Santhosh‘s place (went to drop him at home). After a brief chitchat with my aunt and sister, I had my dinner—Yummy Dal, with some pickle, papad and curd. It was 11pm and I was on my way to room. The weather was lovely with a cloudy sky and cool breeze blowing across. I switched on the Radio in my mobile and the first song I listened to was “Meri Sapno ki Rani Kab Aayegi Tu” by Kishore Kumar. It was followed by a couple of Kishore da’s melodies and then a couple of Ilayaraja’s telugu numbers. It was so pleasant and lovely to ride my bike listening to those soulful songs and enjoying the cool climate. Those few minutes were simply awesome. I’d love to have such experiences quite regularly in my life.


One of my childhood friends (Sai Krishna) got married on Saturday, 22nd of March. The muhurtham was at 10:09am. I had to go to my hometown on Friday to attend the marriage the next day. I reached home by 3:30am (early hours of Saturday) and had little time to sleep as I woke up at 8:30am. I was still feeling sleepy and very lazy. I somehow managed to get up from y bed, got ready by 9:30 and finally reached the function hall by 10. It was quite cloudy since morning and the rain gods were expected to shower their blessings for the newly wed couple anytime. Lunch began around 12 noon, and it started drizzling. At the marriage, I met some of my school and college friends, had lunch with them and was about to return home. Naveen had accompanied me on my bike, but it was raining heavily by the time we started. Giving a damn to my friend’s  request (he was suffering from fever n cold) to stay back till the rain stopped, I decided to go. It was greenery all around—cultivated land on either side of the road—and we came across through streams of water and a couple of water canals while getting drenched in the rain completely. It was after a long time that I had fun getting wet and more so because it was summer. It was great because it came on Saturday after a five-day hectic work life.

It all happened on last Sunday, a highly forgetful day for me. The week that passed by was quite interesting and delightful for me as I was in hometown on Friday (having a long weekend this way). I would be busy with my thread ceremony on Monday, with all my family members, relatives and friends around. Friday and Saturday just passed by with the gathering which brought about lot of fun and happiness in my house. Sunday was going to be even more lovely with most of my relatives expected to arrive that morning.

But it wasn’t the Sunday that I thought of. I got a call from my friend Santhosh who told me about the expiry of our colleague Raju. It was disheartening and very difficult to know that Raju, an easy going and friendly individual, whom I could ever imagine without a smile on his face, during his tenure of more than 1year in our organisation. He would always tease others and have fun at office while not showing any dissent to his work, finishing off all the tasks assigned on time. He was hospitalised for more than two weeks undergoing treatment for lung infection (respiratory failure). He was shifted from one hospital to another with the hope that he could be saved from losing his life. The doctors expressed concern and stated that his condition was so critical and that there was little hope about life. Every one of us thought it was better to go for a second opinion on this. After several phone calls and discussions, there was one doctor, an elderly medical practitioner, who was a consultant in Apollo Hospitals. After going through the reports, he spoke in a highly optimistic way claiming that the patient was not treated well and there were chances of him being saved while agreeing that he was in a critical condition. He did
mention that the treatment would be costly.

On his suggestion, Raju was admitted to Apollo and put in ICU for almost a week. Unfortunately, as it happens in corporate hospitals, no visitor was allowed to visit the patient. The doctors would tell that the patient’s condition was improving (30%, 50%, 75% and then 99% being the recovery of the patient within a week’s time, as told by the doctor). But the doctor finally announced on Sunday that Raju was no more, and it was just about 10hrs after which he was stated to have recovered 99%. It took all of us by surprise and shock. How did this happen? It was so pathetic and misfortunate to know that Raju was no onger going to be with us. It reminded me of Raju’s innocent wife and his 1yr old daughter. What was pathetic was that the patient’s attendants were told to pay the final bill and take the body. I’ve heard of, seen on TV and in movies about corporate hospitals being money minting agencies and most of the doctors who are treated as gods, the minting machines. It was my first experience witnessing those buggers who would go to any extent to ransack patients of their lives for money. If only that doctor had accepted that Raju’s condition was indeed critical and could not be saved anyway, he would have helped his family save around Rs. 2 lakhs. Now, what do we do to those filthy bastards (this is the first time in my life that I’m using this word) who care little for emotions. Does the human element in them die and do they get infected by a non-curable disease caused by money? Why do they have to be so cruel for some amount of money? Just because they work for / invest lakhs and crores in building and maintaining speciality hospitals, are doctors entitled to rob people of their lives for some thousands/lakhs of rupees? I wonder if we can identify any solution for this problem.

For all that has happened, we lost a good friend. My dear Raju, Rest in Peace…

Here we step in to another New Year (2008). The year 2007 had given me mixed feelings of emotional distress, joy and happiness. Having met with an accident and injuring my right knee (Ligament Tear) just a day before the New Year (31st Dec’06), I was bed ridden for one month (Jan) and was walking with the support of a stick for the next three months. A one month long and painful stay in bed had taken away all my energy and confidence. I struggled for a long time to regain my focus on work and, in a way, self-confidence. It was one of the toughest phases of my life but the support and encouragement I got personally and professionally was great and that made life quite easy for me. The happenings and changes at workplace taught me important lessons in life. There were a few opportunities missed, chances not utilized but that is how I understood the importance of changing my approach towards work, people and more importantly life. The second half of 2007 turned out to be interesting as slowly things started coming my way.

Now, there is a long way to go in my life. A lot has to be done personally and professionally to fulfill my ambitions, realise my dreams and achieve my goals. Hope this year and the coming years will be quite challenging and fruitful for me.

Wish you all Happy Days in 2008 and the days ahead…

Finally, I wrote an article after a long gap of one-and-a-half years and it has been published in Auto Focus Asia alongside the writeups of industry experts. This is my first article since I left ICFAI. I struggled to work on the topic selection, structuring the article etc. all of which were done with half-mind and lack of proper focus. I had got an opportunity to write an article earlier this year for our magazine on Outsourcing but somehow I let down myself and then on I struggled with the writing part. For sometime I was thinking wishfully that I’d be writing an article but I hardly made any attempts that way. Slowly, I realised that I was becoming very lazy and lethargic not only at work but also on the personal front. But finally I got enlightened (courtesy: my loved ones and a bit of introspection and self learning) how important it was for me to show my contribution to the magazine.

My loved ones helped me in getting my confidence back and that paved my way back to worklife as it was a year ago. What made me struggle for months was lack of initiative and once I took the initiative it took less than two weeks for me to arrive at the topic, prepare article structure and finally preparing the writeup. I came up with a writeup which, I feel, was good enough to be published. This might not be a great achievement but accomplishing this task of writing and getting the article published in the magazine has indeed given me a lot of confidence and energy to go further. Now I look forward to working with a more focussed approach and broaden the scope of learning which will help improve my performance and knowledge.

This way I make my comeback to the blogosphere and hope to update my blog regularly….

Here I enter the bloggers’ world for the first time. After thinking a lot about what to write and how to start, I decided to begin with something about myself, a blog about one of the most memorable birthdays (5th August 2006) of mine.

I had just finished two years of my job life after MBA. I had a Hero Honda splendor (6yrs old by then) to move around. Even though it was pretty old, I had the same love for my splendor and was quite happy with its performance. My father, and even my friends, suggested me to go for a new bike instead. A week before my birthday, my father told my friends “I want to see my son with a new bike on his birthday and I leave it to you my boys.” And I was like “Jaane do yaar, one week is too short a time sell this bike and buy a new one.”
4th August, 9am – I was about to start for my workplace when my friend asked me for my choice of bike, if I were to buy a new one. Sure shot and I told it would be Bajaj Pulsar 150cc, black. But as I had already made up my mind I told him that it was not possible to go for a new bike in two days for which he gave a gentle smile. I was busy at work all day long and at 4pm my friend called me and to my surprise he told me that he had booked a Bajaj Pulsar and that I was supposed to visit the showroom to sign on some papers. I was told that the bike would be delivered in 2 days meaning I would get it only on 6th. I requested the showroom guy to deliver it on 5th evening at least, but of no use. I had no idea that something was happening beyond my knowledge. I reached my room by 9pm, and my friends joined me by 11:30pm.

As a regular activity, at 12 mid night I cut the cake and got a lovely kick bash from my friends. They sang the birthday song, put the cake in my mouth and presented me the bike keys (I was under the illusion that those were dummy keys to give me the feeling of possessing the bike)…. They asked me to follow them downstairs…… and there it was the New Shining Black Pulsar; believe me, it was a wonder, great surprise of my life… Tears filled with joy and unbelievable happiness rolled out from my eyes… I hug my friends, felt the warmth. “Happy Birthday, Ram. Here is your gift.” they said. What else could I ask for? A sense of achievement (the reflection of happiness in my eyes) was visible in their eyes. I called up my parents, immediately, told them about the splendid gift I got from my friends. I had no words to express my happiness. I am so grateful to my friends who have made it one of the most memorable birthdays of my life. I did not even think of going for a new bike in just one day, not even in my dream. My friends showed me how much they love me and what our relationship meant.

And, with this blog, I just want to make a point to all – Money alone does not fetch you everything, you need to have your loved ones around to lead a happy life.

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