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While discussions and war of words by ministries of India and Pakistan have been on, Sean McCormak the US State Dept. Spokesman has now suggested that India and Pakistan should act together and go ahead with a joint probe on .

Each side has pieces of the puzzle that the other doesn’t. So its in their interest to act together.

It could be the WTF statement (suggestion) of the day. McCormak needs to be enlightened that the Pakistanis are not interested and have already denied chances of a joint investigation.

Read what the Bush administration has to say on the joint probe here.


Mahmud Ali Durrani, the National Security Adviser for Pakistan, was been sacked by the govt. (read the Prime Minister) for allegedly stating that Kasab had Pakistan connections. Guess what, the revelation was made public without the notice of the Prime Minister Gilani. Gilani later accused Durrani of tarnishing the nation’s image with his statements.

Is n’t it funny to watch the terrorist nation attempt to save its face and claim to be a peace loving nation?

Is this true?

Is this true?

Inflation is down to 8.4 per cent and fuel prices cut down by govt., but terrorism seems to be a consistent performer. Is this the state of India today?

This cartoon says so.

Image Courtesy: The Hindu

Mumbai under terror attack

Mumbai under terror attack

Oh God. What is happening to India? What are these bloody terrorists up to? What on earth do they want? Damn these bastard killers.

Terrorists have attacked Mumbai besieging hotels with hostages, firing aimlessly firing at crowds in railway stations and hospitals. A highly planned onslaught by unknown terrorists, this could be the country’s worst attack ever. More than hundred, including 14 police personnel and civilians, have been reported killed in this tragic and most disastrous terror attack.

The nation’s financial capital looks dreadful with the ongoing attack. Even as the efforts to free the hostages and knock down the terrorists go on, and the nation mourns the death of 101 people, our respected Home Minister Shri Shivraj Patil continues to make stupid statements like this

Before I could reach there, the terrorists who had attacked one of the hospitals, the Cama Hospital, had left and those who attacked the railway station had also left.

The Union Home Minister considers this attack as ‘an act of cowardice’. Wonder how and why we have allowed such great brains stay in one of the country’s most respectable and responsible positions. A group of people, armed with destructive weapons, storm into public places like hotels, railway stations and hospitals only to fire at anyone visible–what kind of cowardice act is this?

Bomb blasts and serial killings have been part of life in India. But this attack calls for a serious thinking on the government’s and intelligences’ part. When will the nation be saved from such terrible attacks?

Detroit - On the verge of collapse

Detroit - On the verge of collapse

The Detroit needs a Saviour desperately but the question is if it “is worth the effort”.

It was bound to happen and they are facing the worst ever humiliation. The humiliation is for the Detroit’s Big Three—General Motors, Ford and Chrysler—looking for ways to save themselves from the devastating downfall. Reports and expert opinions state there is no way the US car majors, GM and Chrysler in particular, can escape the misery of running out of cash to manage their operations.

It happened this way. The US carmakers found themselves way behind their Japanese counterparts in their products and strategies. For years they would sell the same old gas guzzling Pickups and SUVs not realising the need to shift to cars customers need. Japanese companies, led by Toyota, did well to bring out hybrids and, small and fuel-efficient cars. Dipping sales and continuous losses unsettled GM and the world’s leading carmaker is now on the brink of bankruptcy. Ford and Chrysler are also struggling to put back their businesses into working order.

While one can foresee the fall in Detroit’s number—probably a merger of GM and Chrysler would take place—the auto crisis might affect the Japanese car makers badly. The collapse of an auto maker could affect the Toyota and Honda—they invested heavily in the North American market and assemble almost 50 per cent of the vehicles they sell in the region—integrated system of supply chain being the problem. Most of the suppliers hence look vulnerable to the industry’s troubles.

Whether the govt. is willing to come to the rescue of the auto companies is the question. The Democrats are seeking help for automakers to save millions of jobs from a possible collapse. Will the Bush administration look at transferring some amount from the US$ 700 billlion bail out plan to the rescue of Detroit? If not, this would be a tame and disastrous end to Detroit.

Obama mantra Change we can believe in wins

After eight years, we’ve had enough of the same old thing. It’s time to bring about real change to Washington and that’s the choice you’ve got in this election.

stated Obama in his election campaign. The question was “Has Change come to America?” and a strong “Yes” comes with Barack Obama winning the US Presidential election. Barack Hussein Obama, the 47-year-old democrat leader, made history becoming the first Afro-American President. Obama defeated John McCain, the Republican contender in the longest and costliest Presidential election ever for the White House. Projections and forecasts based on the opinion polls have put Obama on top of his counterpart McCain. Obama’s resilience and determination stood tall against the historical strength of the Republican contenders and his triumph was mighty for the Bradley effect. Amidst the national financial crisis, Obama’s victory cuts out a pleasant surprise to the millions of American citizens even as the Republicans begin introspecting and investigating the reasons behind McCain’s staggering defeat.

What factors might have favoured Obama against McCain? Throughout his campaigns, Obama assured the citizens on what his government would do for their benefit—regulating the economy fairly, creating more jobs for Americans by saying ‘No’ to outsourcing, shifting focus from Oil (Iraq) to curbing terrorism (Afghanistan). The fact that Obama won 338 votes (far more than the 270 needed) shows that the change mantra has worked well for Obama. A New York Times editorial states

Barack Obama won the election because he saw what is wrong with this country: the utter failure of government to protect its citizens.

It remains to be seen how quickly Obama’s dream to bring about change can be realised. For now, the challenges for America and Obama are plenty. What needs to be addressed without more ado is the disastrous financial crisis facing the nation and healthcare issues.

Manmohan and Karat

The Left parties, key allies to the Congress-led UPA government, have withdrawn support to the government expressing their disappointment with the former’s decision to go ahead with the nuke deal. Mr. Pranab Mukherjee had earlier stated that the govt. talks with IAEA would take place only after the government won the vote of confidence in the Parliament. But the Prime Minister, on his trip to the G8 Summit, stated that the Indo-US nuclear deal discussions with IAEA would take place. This came as a surprise to the Left parties and they went ahead with their decision to withdraw support. On Wednesday, Prakash Karat, CPM general secretary, and a couple of senior party leaders, submitted the Letter of disapproval to the President. Prakash Karat said ”We cannot be a party to a government which is callous to the sufferings of the people and whose priority is to fulfill its commitment to US President George Bush and not to the people of India.” The government though looks confident that this will not affect its stability.

The tussle between the Congress party and the Left parties about the Indo-US civil nuclear deal went on for months. The government has been longing to get the clearance for the deal even as the Left parties maintained their stand against the same. The Left criticised the government for not maintaining transparancy about the nuke deal and had even warned the government of withdrawing support if it continued its efforts to sign the deal. The government though obviated this, giving a damn to the Left’s admonition. The drama was finally unfolded when the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh’s stated that the discussions with IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), w.r.t. the deal would take place.

While it is curtains down for the nuke deal Imbroglio, I was puzzled after reading a politician’s comment about this issue. How I wish a few politicians should be taught / made to understand the essence of using common sense (if they have any)? The comment was made by one of the senior most politicians Mr. Veerappa Moily criticising the Left’s decision and the timing. Mr. Moily, Chairman of Media Dept. for the AICC, was quoted as saying “When the entire nation is mourning those killed in the Kabul blast, the Left has chosen to make the announcement. It is most unfortunate. They think their prestige is more important than the nation’s prestige.” Now what has the Left’s decision to withdraw support got to do with the Indians killed in Kabul? Could someone please enlighten me?

Image Courtesy: NDTV

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