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Indo-Pak joint probe!!!

Posted on: 8 January 2009

While discussions and war of words by ministries of India and Pakistan have been on, Sean McCormak the US State Dept. Spokesman has now suggested that India and Pakistan should act together and go ahead with a joint probe on .

Each side has pieces of the puzzle that the other doesn’t. So its in their interest to act together.

It could be the WTF statement (suggestion) of the day. McCormak needs to be enlightened that the Pakistanis are not interested and have already denied chances of a joint investigation.

Read what the Bush administration has to say on the joint probe here.


5 Responses to "Indo-Pak joint probe!!!"

I am tired of Indian government waiting on deliverance from the American Providence, it ain’t gonna happen. India has to stand-up for itself and play the game.

Agree with you on this, sremani. But the govt. doesn’t realise this fact or may be the congress govt. is confused what to be taken seriously – the Pakistan and its terrorist agencies or the upcoming elections.

india and pakistan can only have joint mechanisms in current environment

leave each other alone

@nannikapoor: But that does not offer any solution to us Indians and terrorism does not end with that. Something substantial has to be done so as to help us get rid of this terrorist nation.

dear sadhu

sorry for having missed you for so long but lets put the threads together now

how does pak bashing help India or South asia..more americans, more taliban, more LeT and Baitullahs and the rest.

Time we looked inwards and solved our own problems and hope that Army takes over pakistan for the timebeing. Refer All countries in the region are plagued by poverty and unequal distribution of wealth and we are letting the region be burnt some more in an arms race led by America, which is adding fuel to the fire by dictating the American way of life on Iraq and Afghanistan..not possible and America and in turn the whole of South Asia will burn. Please refer to my article Let Pakistan be and Pakistan and 2009 on my blog. Also see for my views

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