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Consumers Beware

Posted on: 7 November 2008

As consumers you and I would have had numerous shopping experiences but at times we end up with shocking experiences. This post is about one such experience of mine. How I wish I had not overpaid for the same product? Did it ever happen to you? You might not have realised it like I did, or did you?

Do not run away even if you’re not enticed to read further. Stay there and read through the post. This is an attempt to let all my reader friends and others know how to be watchful while shopping. You’ll know how we tend to ignore or do not realise paying more for the same product bought sometime ago. What happened is:

Last week, my sister bought a Head & Shoulder shampoo (bottle) from a nearest retail store. I had purchased the shampoo (bottle of same brand and volume) a month ago but did not check for the price though. The other day when I went for a head bath, my brains reminded me to check for the price of the bottle and it was Rs.69. My curiosity rose when I saw the empty shampoo bottle and to my surprise it was Rs.64.

For a moment I was dumbstruck and was trying to prove myself wrong. But a careful look at both the bottles and I realised it was true. The company did increase the price by five rupees!!! Goodness me. How did I miss this? And this is not the only one, I told myself. I do not check the prices of a few products and this experience taught me a lesson—even a petty purchase needs a thorough observation.

What does anyone infer from this? Be watchful of any price rise before you pay the bill. It could be petty/nothing but this is not just about my five rupees. It’s about considerable price change (read price rise) that goes unnoticed. It is about what we as consumers ignore / fail to think about.

So, you now know what to do the next time you go for shopping. Do you?


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