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Qubani kaa Meetha

Posted on: 27 September 2008

Qubani ka Meetha—a delicious dessert most hyderabadis love to have. Add ice cream to this and you’ll drool over it. I had this lovely desert last night after dinner and even now I  I find my mouth watering. It was the first time I bought Scoops ice cream (vanilla flavoured)—Kwality Walls and Dinshaws being my choice most often. I did not have great expectations about the ice cream but to my surprise it was simply superb. After having a cup of the dessert (mixed vanilla with the sweet), I was tempted to have another (though my stomach was not ready to accept any more food). The first time I had it was when my friend and I visited Hyderabadi House, a restaurant chain popular for its Biryani. My friend, who knew my love for sweets, suggested I have this sweet. I liked it though I could not get ice cream then. This being the holy month of Ramadan, we find Haleem at Cafes and Irani hotels and restaurants in Hyderabad and some outlets like Pista House serve Qubani Ka Meetha also. The other day, my father-in-law had brought Haleem (for my wife) and this sweet (for me) from the Pista House outlet near Charminar. This is how I had a chance to taste this sweet after a long time.

I’ve tried different combinations (sweets with Vanilla Ice cream) of desserts and all are my favourites (not in any ranking order for the taste):

  • Qubani Ka Meetha with Vanilla Ice cream
  • Gulab Jamun with Vanilla
  • Gajar ka Halwa with Vanilla
  • Double ka meetha with Vanilla
  • Kaala Jammun with Vanilla

Let me know how you like this dessert or any other new combination I have not tried. Now don’t tell me you feel like having this desert after reading my post.


3 Responses to "Qubani kaa Meetha"

Had Qubani with vanilla before, but not the other combinations you mentioned. Maybe I should try them soon.

Try out those combinations. I’m sure you’ll relish those.

I have tried the former two combinations Ram. I loved those combos. Yummy Yummy . . .[;)]

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