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A Pleasant Weekend

Posted on: 22 September 2008

Lovely nature and cool climate

Lovely nature and cool climate

The weekend that went past was pleasant – had time to spend with my family. On Saturday, I (accompanied by my wife) had to rush from the office to reach the Office of the Subregistrar to get my marriage registered. Luckily for us, it did not take much time – courtesy my father-in-law who had by then arranged for the application and all those documents required. We then had our lunch and took some rest. In the evening, we were to become host to the couple Mr. & Mrs. Naveen, who got married five months ago. They arrived at 15 minutes past seven. We spent some time chit-chatting and had our dinner. After my friend left, I along with my wife and sister, went to a movie “Ullasanga Uthsahanga”. It was almost two months that I watched a movie. The movie cast debutant Yaso Sagar as hero and Sneha Ullal (“Lucky” fame) as the heroine. The movie did not have a proper subject line; it was entertaining during the first half though the second half was slow and boring. It was worth watching once.

On Sunday, I woke up at around 9 am, had my breakfast (pooris with yummy alu curry) and took a nap again till 1pm. This was the first time we got sometime after marriage and so we started setting things in proper place. After a delayed lunch at 4pm we watched another movie “Mr. Pellam”. The movie casting Dr. Rajendra prasad (popular telugu hero) and Aamani, is one of the most famous movies directed by cartoonist and ace telugu director Bapu. A typical telugu movie (most of Bapu’s movies are like that), it is an interesting movie about the life of a middle-class couple and how circumstances force them to exchange their roles – with the wife working and the husband taking care of the household activities and children. This movie, I bet, would make people watch it without any break as it gives freshness and relief to your mind from a tiring week’s work. After the movie, we went out and bought vegetables and other stuff for the next week. On the whole, I had a pretty pleasant weekend with some time to spend with my family and myself. I’d love to have every weekend to be as pleasurable.


2 Responses to "A Pleasant Weekend"

Have pleasant weekends in the future as well Ram. In my opinion, weekend is the time only to take rest and pass the time, but not to work. I wish I too would have such relaxing weekends.

Thank U Prasanthi. Wish U the same.

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