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Breaking the break with random thoughts

Posted on: 19 September 2008

Here I come again breaking the two-month break from my blog. I was on leave for two weeks (got married). My friends suggest me to update the blog regularly. That I believe would help me improve my writing but seldom do I stick to this. There have been several instances of my blog being updated with a couple of posts back to back and then not post anything for month(s). I was back to office from September 1st. I thought of updating my blog after rejoining the office but failed to do so. Not that I do not have thoughts to write about; it is just a matter of deciding to go ahead. My friend Santhosh (“Your darling Santhosh…” as my wife teases me) comments me for being lazy while the Chatter box (Vinay) of our team complains about my inconsistency at blogging. Whatever one says I just wait for the time when I (feel) have thoughts flowing freely.

It has been more than a year I started this blog but it has only 15 posts. Most often what stops me from putting my thoughts on the blog is my intuition. All of a sudden I wonder why my thoughts do not take shape as a write up. I wait and wait and wait till the moment I am comfortable about writing. So, after thinking for sometime and deciding to go ahead with anything that comes to my mind, I started with this post. Even as I began writing this post, Srinivas Sir shouted at me “How many days would you continue with this post?” It was only the previous day that he suggested me to update my blog. Today before coming up with this write up, I read a few posts from Mr. Ram Gopal Varma’s blog. It was quite interesting. I admire him for his direction of a few movies I like and hate some of his experiments with cinema. After reading some posts on his blog, I understood that people hate him more than his movies. I really wonder why he has to be hated when his movies / direction could be criticised.

I’ve decided to end this post here. You might feel/think this post ended abruptly but I do not wish to put down any more thoughts here.


9 Responses to "Breaking the break with random thoughts"

welcome back!!(please delete the previous comment)

Thank you for posting another post on your blog. May god bless you.

@prity: Thank U prity
@santhosh: Thanks my friend. May God bless you too with peace and happiness.

Keep going Ram… Good Luck.

Atlast! It’s a pleasure reading a new post from you. Hope you will continue to be regular from now on atleast.

15 posts in one year. Looks like you have become Tendulkar in Bloggers’ world.

It’s called the writer’s block and happens to everyone. To say that your thoughts flow freely only once in a while is a real bad exhibition of the way your mind functions. :p

Post more often, you know you can.

@Prasanthi: Thanks a lot.

@Sriniani: I too hope the same, Sir.

@lazybug: Thank u lazybug.

I’m sorry but I did not really understand what makes you feel that it “is a real bad exhibition of the way your mind functions.” ??

@vinay: Thanks for comparing me with the master blaster.

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