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Sprite Bottle

You might feel it is funny / stupid, but it is fact. I was enlightened about this only yesterday. Some stores (kiranas) charge an extra rupee for cooling as if that is an additional service they offer to the customer. Read further and you will know how it all happened.

The other day when I was on my way to home, I was feeling very thirsty. I wanted to have a cool drink to quench my thirst. I then stopped by a shop and asked for a Sprite. Having taken the chilled bottle I started gulping the cool sprite. I gave the shopkeeper (SK) a Rs. 10 note and in return he gave me a one rupee coin. Then the conversation went this way:

Myself – “What is the price?”

SK – “Rs. 9”

Myself – “But the price on the bottle is only Rs. 8”

SK – “Yes. But we take Rs. 9”

Myself – “Why is it so? What is the logic behind taking an extra rupee?”

SK – “For cooling”

Myself – “What!!!! Cooling? What are you talking?”

SK – “Yes. We charge”

Myself – “Isn’t it funny? So, you say people also drink cool drinks which are not cooled.”

SK – “People who want it that way do drink”

Myself – “Now please stop your illogical statements. You want an additional rupee and you use silly reasons for that”

SK – “How you take it is up to you. But you have to pay extra if you want the drink to be cool.”

I was too tired to raise another question. Finally said to him “Thanks for enlightening me”, I had the drink and left to my home. But the logic behind cooling is still haunting me…


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