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India winning at Perth is great news for the team and fans. Kudos to the Indian team for turning victorious at Perth with a stupendous all-round performance. What is most satisfying for me is that while the Australian pace bowlers struggled to show their mark against a solid Indian batting lineup, their Indian counterparts showed a great resolve in conquering the hosts. Aggression is what was missing one expected from the Australians. Here, I’d like to put my views about a couple of questions I’ve in mind. What does one understand from this match and/or How different was this win for the Indians than previous Test wins? And what should the Indian team take forward from this match?

First of all, it is a fantastic win, emerging strong from being down 0-2 in the series and after the Sydney Test (which will be remembered and talked about for all the wrong reasons) and crashing the Australians on a pitch that was considered to favour their bowlers. Not only fans, but several cricketers opine this is the best test win for India in the last three decades. It was tremendous achievement in the sense that we witnessed an all-round team effort. Anil Kumble has led the team in a truly professional way. The win was different in the sense that Indian team has mostly known for its formidable batting lineup and spin bowlers than the pace bowlers but it is the fast bowlers who turned the match in India’s favour. The young pace trio of Pathan, RP Singh and Ishant Sharma have displayed exceptional bowling and a great resolve to get rid of the opponents twice.

It was different because India won the match within four days on a bouncy pitch against Australia in that country while Australia, has been known to register their win within four days of a Test match. It was also different because Indians have been aggressive while the Australians were not up to their normal behaviour on the field. Bret Lee was highly defensive against Sehwag while Ponting struggled against Ishant and succumbed to pressure example of this. Now what should the team take from Perth, to Adelaide – The passion and commitment to downplay the Aussies and level the series. In the recent past, the Indian team has won several matches away from home but something was missing in those – Consistency. This is what has to be maintained if we are to look at becoming the world champions. We’ve won matches against Australia (2003), England, South Africa but failed to capitalise on those wins and carry the spirit through those series thus losing matches again and again. The Indians have to take a cue from the way Australians have played in the last 8-9 years. They have been the No.1 team not only in the one-day cricket (hatrick of world cups – a huge achievement) but also in the longer version of the game. Indians have proved that the Australians are not invincible but what they should not ignore is the fact that the Australians will comeback strongly (losing a Test after more than four years on the home soil is something which they cannot digest) and that is why they have been the champions of the game for such a long time. This win certainly shows the way forward for the Indian team – Downplay the Australians at Adelaide and level the series.

Common India – Jeet ke Dikhado.


It has been three days after the Sydney Test. Much has been written and spoken about, and millions have read and heard about the Test. India went down against the Aussies by 0-2 in the Four Test series. And Ponting equals the record 16-Test win of the former captain Steve Waugh. But this test will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Honestly speaking, the Australians did not deserve to win the match. The so called champions hardly showed any signs of professionalism which they boast of every now and then. Leave alone professionalism, they failed to carry a good spirit which every sportsperson or sports team is supposed to display on the field. For all the things that have happened, the result has gone in the hosts’ favour and the Indian team has been taken for a tough ride in many ways—-Atrocious umpiring with several decisions favouring the Australians; Harbhajan being punished with a three test ban for allegedly passing on racist comments against his Australian counterpart with little evidence found. The Indians have decided to stayback in Sydney and are waiting for BCCI to act in a way which helps Harbhajan get rid of the punishment.

While the BCCI has to take issue forward to the ICC, the Indian team has to draw some points before they go to Perth where they face the mighty Australians on a pitch that is supposed to suit the hosts better. Anil Kumble has to get his plan and strategies right for there is a tough ask ahead to level the series. Umpiring decisions apart, Indians have a few things to settle down. Yuvraj doesn’t seem to be in good nick and it is high time he is replaced with Sehwag thus help Dravid play his natural game at No.3 position. The pace bowling seems vulnerable with lack of experience. Bringing in Irfan Pathan would be a better idea, if not a great move (he has played against the Australians earlier). Whoever comes in and/or whoever goes out, it all depends on how the Indian team bounces back in the next two tests and saves their pride by levelling the series 2-2. Let us hope the Australians play the next two Tests in “True Spirit” and umpires do their best to stay away from controversies.

Good Luck Team India.

Here we step in to another New Year (2008). The year 2007 had given me mixed feelings of emotional distress, joy and happiness. Having met with an accident and injuring my right knee (Ligament Tear) just a day before the New Year (31st Dec’06), I was bed ridden for one month (Jan) and was walking with the support of a stick for the next three months. A one month long and painful stay in bed had taken away all my energy and confidence. I struggled for a long time to regain my focus on work and, in a way, self-confidence. It was one of the toughest phases of my life but the support and encouragement I got personally and professionally was great and that made life quite easy for me. The happenings and changes at workplace taught me important lessons in life. There were a few opportunities missed, chances not utilized but that is how I understood the importance of changing my approach towards work, people and more importantly life. The second half of 2007 turned out to be interesting as slowly things started coming my way.

Now, there is a long way to go in my life. A lot has to be done personally and professionally to fulfill my ambitions, realise my dreams and achieve my goals. Hope this year and the coming years will be quite challenging and fruitful for me.

Wish you all Happy Days in 2008 and the days ahead…

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