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Finally, I wrote an article after a long gap of one-and-a-half years and it has been published in Auto Focus Asia alongside the writeups of industry experts. This is my first article since I left ICFAI. I struggled to work on the topic selection, structuring the article etc. all of which were done with half-mind and lack of proper focus. I had got an opportunity to write an article earlier this year for our magazine on Outsourcing but somehow I let down myself and then on I struggled with the writing part. For sometime I was thinking wishfully that I’d be writing an article but I hardly made any attempts that way. Slowly, I realised that I was becoming very lazy and lethargic not only at work but also on the personal front. But finally I got enlightened (courtesy: my loved ones and a bit of introspection and self learning) how important it was for me to show my contribution to the magazine.

My loved ones helped me in getting my confidence back and that paved my way back to worklife as it was a year ago. What made me struggle for months was lack of initiative and once I took the initiative it took less than two weeks for me to arrive at the topic, prepare article structure and finally preparing the writeup. I came up with a writeup which, I feel, was good enough to be published. This might not be a great achievement but accomplishing this task of writing and getting the article published in the magazine has indeed given me a lot of confidence and energy to go further. Now I look forward to working with a more focussed approach and broaden the scope of learning which will help improve my performance and knowledge.

This way I make my comeback to the blogosphere and hope to update my blog regularly….


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